If you believe as josh pan does that time is an illusion, it’s easy to imagine his future, elderly- self meditating on top of a mountain deep in the Chinese countryside, dreaming his present life as 28-year-old, OWSLA-backed musician. The DJ, producer, song-writer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist is a Taiwan-raised American turned LA-transplant with an insatiable need to create, turning virtually everything he touches into a work of art, be it a DJ set, painting, film score, graphic design, or Kanye West fan-fiction.

“Every action you take has the potential to set off a chain reaction in any direction, one smile or being kind to one person might just change the course of history,” josh says in his gentle yet earnest tone at the top of his 2018 Diplo ‘n Friends mix. Never limited to one genre or style, a josh pan DJ set flows between eclectic selections, usually in the melodic, futuristic bass, experimental trap, house, and hip-hop veins, but can sometimes go way off that beaten path depending on his mood. The common thread in his selections is electrifying, heartfelt music meant to make you feel its power whether you want to or not.

According to josh, he does not “make music” so much as he channels what’s in the ether, inviting the as-yet unknown sounds of the universe to come through him. Since being discovered in 2015 by Skrillex and 88rising’s Sean Miyashiro, josh has put out a grip of music including his breakout 2017 with X&G, “nowhere,” “It G Ma Opus” featuring Anderson .Paak, “Banned From the Motherland” featuring Jay Park, Simon Dominic and G2, “Give It to Ya featuring ABRA, and several unannounced SoundCloud uploads. He’s performed at countless festivals and venues around the world and toured with Getter and Ekali to name just a few. When he’s not making music and performing, josh is doing VR in his hot tub and working on the blockchain-based music start-up he co-founded called Matter.