PKCZ® is a Japanese music and design collective, founded in 2014 by HIRO (EXILE), MAKIDAI(EXILE), VERBAL (m-flo, TERIYAKI BOYZ®, AMBUSH®), and DJ DARUMA.

Aiming to create the “Most Incredible eXperience” - “MIX” - HIRO, who is better known as the mastermind behind the evolution of Japanese entertainment and CEO of LDH Inc., brought the constituents together to develop cross-platform projects that are both commercial and artistic.

PKCZ® has hosted private music events with A-List international and domestic guests, and have thrown events in larger venues, the latest being the “ELECTRIC HALLOWEEN” which drew 22,000. 

They opened the PKCZ® GALLERY STORE in Tokyo in November 2015, which hosted the YEEZY SEASON 2 Exhibition.