Dropping pins across the global map‭, ‬Taiwan‮!&‬s RayRay is always close to the most enviable sonic spots from Glastonbury to ADE‮!&‬s finest‭, ‬fueling a fierce open format style music spectrum from hip hop to EDM‭, ‬Miami bass to tech house and trap and drum‭ - ‬step vibes‭. ‬A true love story with the beats‭, ‬RayRay took to a road in the sonic realm from the early days‭. ‬Initially on the hip‭ -‬‭ ‬hop tip she organically gravitated to the electronic cartel making her a diverse addition to the ever‭ - ‬evolving music industry‭. ‬A justified winner of the Red Bull Thre3style competition and participant in the Red Bull Music Academy Montreal 2016‭ ‬where she was accepted as one of 30‭ ‬students of 3500‭ ‬applicants received‭, ‬RayRay has literally become the one to watch‭. ‬

Behind the studio walls‭, ‬RayRay holds true to her trap inspired production where 2016‭ ‬sees the work in progress of her debut EP‭ ‬featuring the likes of Din Pei following her debut single‭ ‬‮!‬٪Closer‮!&‬‭ ‬with X&G and Josh Pan‭. ‬In 2017‭, ‬she release her first EP across all major digital platforms titled‭ ‬‮!'‬Reincarnation EP‮!(‬‭ ‬and set new record s for sales‭, ‬streams‭, ‬downloads and tour stops‭. ‬Her hit single‭ ‬‮!'‬Marijade‮!(‬‭ ‬reached number 3‭ ‬on beatport charts‭. ‬Sessions with Skrillex and fellow pioneering artists have set ablaze the next chapter in her musical story‭, ‬injecting a savage signature sound i nto all she releases‭. ‬

There is no doubting the presence RayRay holds behind the booth with a recent astounding guest feature at one of the world‮!&‬s undoubted premier festivals Glastonbury‭, ‬showcasing an epic sound spectrum to music enthusiasts‭.. ‬Between th e cities‭, ‬her diehard‭ ‬assault on club floors has also been infectious from Singapore to Hong Kong‭. ‬Dropping beats across her catalogue‭, ‬RayRay brings‭ ‬forth her laser vision for the music taking her truly appetizing flare on the decks to SXSW‭, ‬AD E‭, ‬Midem Fr ance Music Festival‭ , ‬Glastonbury Festival‭, ‬and Sonar Music Festival Barcelona from 2015‭ ‬to 2017‭ . ‬RayRay has been invited to perform at Barong Family Label Night at ADE in Amsterdam 2017