SIHK is an Indonesian DJ & Producer who spent his formative years bouncing between Seattle and Jakarta. His eclectic music mirrors this eclectic childhood, spent astraddle two halves of the globe—thunderous bass booms underneath delicately woven melodies. This explosive energy is well-known to any that have witnessed SIHK’s devastating live sets.

SIHK recently signed with Yellow Claw’s Barong Family, through which he released his debut EP and featured on their Shanghai Nights compilation. He has collaborations with Aazar, Mike Cervello, and Menasa, and has remixed label heads Yellow Claw.

Other major collaborations have garnered SIHK viral notice--he produced Rich Chigga’s “Who That Be,” which amassed over 55 Million streams, as well as several releases for rising rapper Trippythakid, and NIKI’s breakout single “See U Never.” through 88 Rising.

Fans have also connected with SIHK’s unabashedly outrageous personality, and the fun energy that he and his music exude. He and his shenanigans stand as a bulwark of authenticity against a hypocrisy that’s so common among the industry’s artists. Keep an eye on this one--SIHK is about to blow up